Best Shavers 2022 [ Complete Buying Guide ]

If you stand in front of the mirror every day to shave, you naturally want to have access to a best electric shaver for a nice and close shave. If you don’t have this, it will cause a lot of annoyance every morning. Are you planning to buy a new best shaver? Then we will help you on your way by bringing the different options in best shavers to your attention. In addition, we’ll let you know what the best shaver of 2022 is.

These are The Best Shavers of 2022

The web shops with the best price are automatically selected in the top 10 best shavers. So you immediately have the cheapest webshop!

The 5 Best Shavers of 2022 in The Spotlight

We’ve compiled a list of the best razors for you based on price, features, technology, battery life, beard growth type and quality. Under these 5 mini-reviews you will find much more buying information with which you can make your choice better. So be sure to read on!

1.Best Shaver Philips Series 5300 

The Philips best Shaver Series 5300 has emerged from our research as the best shaver of 2022. This best shaver provides a powerful shave and now shaves even more hair with each stroke.  In addition, the flexible shaving heads follow your facial contours perfectly. In addition, this best shaver is equipped with a precision trimmer in the handle. You can use the Philips best Shaver Series 5300  to shave wet, dry and even in the shower.Philips Norelco Shaver 5300

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Specifications Philips Shaver Series 5300 

  • Shaving technique: Shaving head
  • Beard growth type: Light, medium, heavy
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Rating: 9.6
  • With up to 90,000 cutting actions per minute

2.Best Shaver Skull Pitbull Gold Pro

The best shaver skull Pitbull gold pro with an excellent price/quality ratio. You are offered a best shaver with no fewer than 4 attachments for a very acceptable price. The 4D flexible shaving head with 4 rotating blades ensures a smooth transition and creates the ultimate shaving experience, where you not only shave your face, but also your head perfectly.

Skull Shaver Pitbull Gold Pro

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The HyperFlex technology ensures that the shaving heads bend with the contours of your face and head. This protects your skin from irritation. The powerful battery of this best shaver lasts about 90 minutes.

Specifications Best Shaver Skull Pitbull Gold Pro

  • Shaving technique: Shaving head
  • Beard growth type: Light, medium, heavy
  • Battery life: 90 minutes
  • Rating: 9.5
  • Cordless USB quick charging

3.Best Shaver Braun Series 3 

The Best Shaver Braun Series 3 Wet & Dry is an advanced best shaver with active cooling technology. The integrated Electric Cooling cooling element, placed between the foils, leaves a cool sensation on the skin while shaving, without the need for gels or lotions. This significantly reduces the risk of skin irritation! This Wet&Dry best shaver can be rinsed under water or used in the shower. This best shaver is equipped with a powerful Li-ion battery with which you can shave non-stop for 45 minutes.

Braun Electric Series 3 Razor

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Specifications Best Shaver Braun Series 3

  • Shaving technique: Shaving head
  • Beard growth type: Light, medium, heavy
  • Battery life: 45 minutes
  • Rating: 9.4
  • 2 rechargeable long-life NiMH batteries

4.Best Shaver Philips S9000 

The Best Shaver Philips S9000 is a high-end best shaver that allows you to shave both wet and dry in the most comfortable way. This best shaver guarantees a nice smooth shave. Thanks to the Nano-Tech precision blades, the prestige best shaver shaves all hairs extremely precisely, resulting in an ultimate smooth result. In addition, for this purpose, this best shaver features the fantastic SkinGlide coating and rings with metallic pigments with an anti-friction coating. In addition to shaving, you can use the Philips best Shaver S9000 to trim your beard. You can charge this best shaver wirelessly by placing it on a Qi charging pad.

Philips Norelco Shaver 9000

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Specifications Best Shaver Philips S9000

  • Shaving technique: Shaving head
  • Beard growth type: Light, medium, heavy
  • Battery life: 60 minutes
  • Rating: 9.2
  • Stainless Steel
  • Effortlessly shave

5. Best Shaver Braun Series 5 5018s

The Best Shaver Braun Series 5 5018s is very suitable for achieving a close shave. This best shaver is equipped with three independent floating shaving elements. These shaving elements easily adapt to your facial contours for more comfort. The pressure-sensitive blades retract automatically to protect your skin. This minimizes the risk of skin irritation. The pop-up precision trimmer on the back is ideal for trimming your sideburns or trimming your beard before shaving.

Braun Electric Razor Series 5

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Specifications Best Shaver Braun Series 5 5018s

  • Shaving technique: Shaving head
  • Beard growth type: Light, medium, heavy
  • Battery life: 45 minutes
  • Rating: 8.9
  • Easy Clean Electric shaver
  • Li-Ion Battery for up to 3 weeks of shaving

What is a Best Shaver?

Why You Want to Buy The Best Razor

It’s easy to understand why you want to buy the best shaver. If you use this device on a daily basis, you will have high demands on it. If you delve into this offer, you will find that you have many choices in best shavers. In addition, it is good to realize that not every best shaver offer will be of interest to you. In this article, we’ll tell you why and we’ll reveal to you what the best shaver of 2022 is.

What Different Types of Electric Shavers are There? 

Electric best shavers can be roughly divided into two categories based on shaving technology:

  • Vibrating Electric Shavers
  • Rotary Electric Shavers

It is important to thoroughly immerse yourself in these different types in order to make a good choice for a device that is the best shaver of 2022 for you. After all, this will vary from person to person!

When are Vibrating Electric Shavers The Best Buy?

Vibrating (oscillating) electric best shaver are designed with a straight head and vibrating blades. This cup has fine holes incorporated. This is where the erect hairs disappear, which are then cut off. These shavers are a great choice if you have light to normal beard growth.

A big advantage of this shaving method is that it is less stressful for the skin. Vibrating electric best shaver are therefore a good choice if you have sensitive skin. The blades in the shaving head are set in motion in a vibrating (ie vibrating) way. Vibrating electric best shavers make a little more noise than rotary shavers, but the shave is better. You choose a vibrating best shaver if you want to work precisely. That is why mustache and beard wearers will often choose this shaving method. Also for shaving your neck and sideburns it is better to choose oscillating electric razors.

When are Rotary Electric Shavers The Best Choice?

You can recognize a rotary best shaver by the 3 or 5 round or triangular shaving heads in which the blades rotate. Circular movements are made here. This puts the beard hairs in front of the opening of the shaving heads, after which they can be cut off. This rotating movement ensures that the stubble is raised.

The big advantage of rotary shavers is that the best shaver heads work independently of each other. The contours of the face can therefore be followed perfectly. This shaving method is your best choice if you have a somewhat thick and stiff facial hair. Many men with a full and heavy beard growth therefore choose to buy a rotary electric best shaver. These razors make shaving easier if you don’t shave every day and want to shave longer hairs.

What is a Good Shaver?

In addition to the above choice, there are a number of other factors that play a role in whether you will rate an offer as a best shaver. Your personal preferences and wishes determine what is the best shaver of 2022 for you. We have listed below for you what you should pay attention to when purchasing a best shaver.

Best Shavers For Traveling

The best shavers for traveling are of course a best shaver that works on a battery. You are not dependent on the availability of a power point. The disadvantage is that you put the device on the charger in time, but the battery indicator lights will draw your attention to this. In addition, the battery capacity of a best shaver is such that you can shave for many hours without having to put the device on the charger.

Water Resistant Electric Shavers for the Shower

If you enjoy shaving yourself in the shower, it would be a good idea to opt for water-resistant electric razors. These are of course the battery models. This partly removes the boundary between wet and dry shaving because you can even do an “electric wet shave” using shaving foam or mousse. The argument that wet shaving is fresher can therefore be thrown in the trash!

Electric Shavers With Cleaning Station

Good hygiene is very important when shaving. After all, hair and dead skin cells end up in an electric razor. You can maintain this hygiene standard by regularly cleaning the best shaver and removing the hair and skin cells. If you choose an electric best shaver with a cleaning station, you will be relieved of a lot of work. Its operation is simple. You just need to click the shaving head into the cleaning station to let the device clean automatically. In many cases, the cleaning station also acts as a charging station.

A Good Shaver Has a Precision Trimmer

If you choose a best shaver, it often has a precision trimmer. These can be integrated in the shaving head but can also be supplied as an attachment as an accessory. With this you can take away the well-known painful experiences when shaving. Choosing a best shaver with a precision trimmer (or similar accessories) is one that many men make when looking for the best shaver of 2022.

Five More Recommendations if You’re Looking For The Best Shaver

We can well imagine that you want to compare several recommendations if you are looking for the best shaver for you. After all, your options are very versatile. To meet this wish, we have listed five more recommendations for you. By choosing one of these recommendations, you are choosing one of the best razors you can get right now.

The Most Popular Brands

There are several brands that have put a best shaver on the market. This includes Philips, Braun and Remington. These are the market leaders in the field of electric razors. Please note, there are of course more brands that offer a good device and would qualify for the title of best shaver you can get in 2021, but by choosing these brands you have the best chance of a good purchase.

How Did This List of The Best Razors Come About?

This list in which we bring to your attention a number of razors and recommend them as “the best” has been prepared with care and in an independent way. We have been inspired by reviews of well-known and reliable providers such as, Coolblue, the Consumers’ Association. We’ve also taken into account the rating of smaller providers to compile our list of the best shavers for you.


Razor FAQs

Does it Make a Big Difference How Many Blades are in a Razor?

No, it makes little to no difference how many razors are in a razor as many commercials would have you believe. After all, this is a marketing ploy. The quality of the blades is decisive for the shaving result. If your blades are sharp, the beard hairs will be smoothly shaved at the desired height and you will get a smooth result. This is also the case if the device had one or more blades.

What Gives You a Better Shaving Result, With Dry or Wet Shaving?

If you shave the traditional way, i.e. wet shaving with a razor, you get a smoother result. This is easy to explain. The traditional razor is in direct contact with the skin. With electric razors, the shaving head forms a protection between the skin and the blades. As a result, the chance is virtually nil that you will cut yourself when shaving, but the shaving result will be slightly less. We are talking about details here. The differences are barely visible. The most modern shavers offer such a shave that you will hardly notice the difference. You will also look groomed all day long if you choose to use an electric best shaver.

What are The Benefits of Using an Electric Razor?

Electric razors have become very popular, especially in the 1960s. The main reason for this is its convenience. You can take and use an electric razor anywhere. This is extremely useful when you are travelling. You can use an electric best shaver (with battery) yourself to shave on the go if you are in a traffic jam, something many men do. An electric shaver requires little maintenance and offers a lot of shaving convenience. The devices are ideal for shaving “just as quickly” at home or on location. The batteries of modern shavers have such a capacity that you can easily use them for two weeks with regular use.

Can You Just Switch From Wet to Electric Shaving?

Yes, it’s no problem to switch from wet to electric shaving, or vice versa. It is good to realize that your body has to get used to a new shaving method here. You may get some rashes at first. This is something you will notice for the first few shaves but will gradually go away. Various skin products are available to limit the nuisance of this.

Why is it a Good Idea to Buy Bigger Brand Electric Razors?

As indicated, the range of shavers is large and versatile. It seems attractive to buy an affordable shaver at a discounter, but at the bottom you may end up more expensive. We do not only refer to the quality of the device and the blades, but also the possibility to replace parts. A shaving head is very sensitive to drops and bumps. The moment dents appear in the shaving head, you will notice this in the shaving result. There are also razors with protective caps for the shaving head. The ability to replace the best shaver head (i.e. the availability of parts) is the main reason why it makes sense to buy a bigger brand of electric shavers. If you choose shavers from well-known brands (such as Philips,

When Should The Shaving Head of an Electric Best Shaver Be Replaced?

The shaving head of an electric best shaver must be replaced if it is damaged and if you notice that the shaving result is decreasing, you start to suffer from ingrown hairs or skin irritations. These skin irritations will not disappear immediately because your skin needs some time to get used to a new shaving head.

Where Can I Find a Best Razor Offer?

Many discounters have shaver offers that seem interesting. However, the question is whether you are making a good choice with this. For a shaver with a good price/quality ratio, you should look at the range of well-known sales points such as BCC, Mediamarkt, Coolblue and You will also regularly find a very interesting shaver offer here.

The 5 Best Razors of 2022

Want to know the best razors you can get in 2022? We have put together a list of 5 very good options. We have not followed a specific order for this list because we want to bring various types of shavers to your attention. These shavers therefore have different specifications and pricing. We’ve listed this list in no particular order.

1.Best Shaver Philips Aquatouch 5000 S5420/06


Philips Aquatouch S5420

Product specifications Best Shaver Philips Series 5000 S5420/06



  • Shave method: dry and wet
  • Number of positions: 2
  • Maximum battery life: 50 minutes
  • Can it be used in the shower? Yes
  • Suitable for heavy beard growth? Yes

2.Best Shaver Braun Series 5 5140s

Braun Electric Shaver Series 5 5140s

Product Specifications Best Razor Braun Series 5 5140s


  • Shave method: dry and wet
  • Number of positions: 1
  • Maximum battery life: 50 minutes
  • Can it be used in the shower? Yes
  • Suitable for heavy beard growth? Yes

3.Best Shaver Remington DuraBlade

Remington DuraBlade

Product Specifications Best Shaver Remington Durablade 

  • Shave method: dry and wet
  • Number of positions: 1
  • Maximum battery life: 60 minutes
  • Can it be used in the shower? Yes
  • Suitable for heavy beard growth? new

4.Best Shaver Philips Series 5110 S5205/81

Philips Norelco 5110

Product specifications Philips Series 5110 S5205/81

  • Shave method: dry
  • Number of positions: 1
  • Maximum battery life: 40 minutes
  • Can it be used in the shower? new
  • Suitable for heavy beard growth? Yes

5.Best Shaver Braun Electric Shaver

Braun Electric Shaver

Product specifications Best Shaver Braun Electric Razor

  • Shave method: dry and wet
  • Number of positions: 1
  • Maximum battery life: 45 minutes
  • Can it be used in the shower? Yes
  • Suitable for heavy beard growth? new

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